Parameter Geophysical Survey

Parameter Geophysical Survey
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Method Measured Parameter Physical property Major Applications
Gravity Spacial variations in the local strength of the gravitational field of the earth Local Variation in density Mapping of regional structures, sedimentary basins, salt diapers, plutonic intrutions delineation, sand and gravel deposits, depth to bedrock
Magnetic Spacial variations in the local strength of the geomagnetic field Local Variation in susceptibility and remanence Mapping of regional structures, airbone surveys, igneous intrusions, sea floor spreading, salt structures, mineral deposits, buried environmental hazards, archeology
Resistivity Earth resistance (applied voltage / measured current) Electrical resistivity (conductivity) Mineral prospecting, engineering and hydrology, contaminant mapping, construction site investigation, groundwater
Induced Polarization (IP) Voltage decay, or frequency dependent resistance Electrical capacitance Detection of disseminated mineral deposits, aquifer mapping, contaminant mapping
Self Potential (SP) Natural electric potential Electro-chemical activity Mineral prospecting, graphite detection, hydrology (seepage), geothermal studies
Elecromagnetic (EM) Secondary (induced) electromagnetic field Electrical conductivity and inductance Deep mineral prospecting, airbone surveys, conducting faults, groundwater studies detection of underground pipes and cables, agricultural studies
Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR) Traveltimes, amplitudes, waveform of reflected, electromagnetic pulse Electrical conductivity, radar image Shallow sedimentary structures, water table detection, bedrock mapping, mapping of hydrocarbon contaminants
Refraction Traveltimes, amplitudes, waveform of refracted, elastic waves Compressional, shear wave velocities Crustal scale to engineering scale mapping of rock types, structural boundaries, foundations, hydrology
Microseismic Location of eartquake, traveltime of elastic waves Compressional, shear velocity, fracture location Earth mapping at all scales from global to mine excavation
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